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PlayStation Links
PS2-PC Drivers
  Mayflash Drivers - Drivers for all Super Joybox products.
  SmartJoy Plus Driver - Required for vibration support.
  EMS Drivers - Includes newest drivers for EMS products like EMS USB2, Trio Linker, etc. The axis problem can be fixed by re-mapping the axes in the newer driver. However I found that all of them crashed on install for me, and I am still awaiting a response from EMS. Try your luck.
Xbox Links
Windows Drivers
  Mayflash Drivers - Super Joybox 10/11 driver for works with any Xbox controller/adapter. This is the simplest driver to set up.
  XBCD - Open source Windows driver for Xbox controllers. XBCD is the most powerful of these and features full configuration.
  PSXPad Driver - Supports Xbox controllers. Outdated and confusing to set up because the author speaks no English.
  XCtrl driver - The CodeUnderground driver that was popular when the only alternative was XID. However this one has wrong axes, poor button placement, and no configuration. Not recommended.
  XID - The first driver for Xbox controllers, formerly called the "Grooveyardfunk" driver. Has wrong axes and no configuration, not recommended.
  Action Replay Memory Card Driver - This driver should allow your PC to interface with a memory unit while it is plugged into a controller. Not tested because I have no memory units.
  VTC Driver - Driver for the Steel Battalion controller. Has full configuration and great test program.

Other OS Drivers
  Xbox HID Driver - For Mac OS X. $5 payware. Author directs his paying customers to the Lik-Sang forum for support, but Lik-Sang does not support his product. If you need to contact the author for support, his e-mail is walisser .at.
  XPad Linux Driver - Includes instructions. Not tested.
GameCube Links
GameCube-PC Drivers
  Mayflash Drivers - Drivers for Super Joybox 13.
  SJ13 axis patch - Fixes axes, triggers for Super Joybox 13.
  EMS Drivers - Trio Linker drivers. (Install always crashes for me.)
  Skillz axis patch - Fixes axes on Skillz adapter.
PSP Links
General Information
  PSP Updates - News, homebrew games, emulators, downgraders, etc.
  PSP Video 9 - MP4 video converter.
Dreamcast Links
General Information
  EMS Drivers - Trio Linker drivers. (Install always crashes for me.)
  Booyaka - VMU development site.
  Boob - Dreamcast development site.
Classics Links
  Adaptoid - Homepage of the Adaptoid. Currently not stocked by anyone!
Emulation Links
General Information
  Zophar's Domain - Overall best resource for emulators and other neat tricks (game music on PC)
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Xbox Links
GameCube Links
PSP Links
Dreamcast Links
Classics Links
Emulation Links


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