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New PSP Homebrew Info
PSP Update
  The PSP section has been updated to reflect developments in PSP homebrew. Specifically, how to run homebrew without downgrading your 2.0 PSP, and the possibilities in store for PSPs higher than 2.0!

Emulation Section
Emulation Update
  Welcome the Emulation section to the site by checking it out, and learning about the joy of emulating games in places they were never meant to be.

Classics Section
Classics Update
  Enjoy the Classics section, with a heap of information about old-but-good game systems and how to give them new life.

Dreamcast Section
DC Update
  The Sega Dreamcast section is online. Learn what major community the Sega Dreamcast created with this system that only survived for about a year.

PSP Section
PSP Update
  Introducing the PlayStation Portable section. Your most frequently asked questions answered, including how to convert a DVD to watch on PSP!

GameCube Section
GameCube Update
  The GameCube section is up. Included are two patches for controller adapters that have axis problems.

PS2 Section
PSP Update
  The PlayStation section is online. It covers both PSOne and PS2. You can find lots of information about the "axis problem" with PS2-USB adapters, too!

Xbox Section
Xbox Update
  The Xbox section has been added. Currently there is a lot of background information on the system, its controllers, and the very special Steel Battalion controller. It may surprise you to find out how Xbox controllers work!

The Beginning
Site Update
  Welcome to the beginning of! I hope to create with this site what currently does not exist: A collection for all the knowledge of video game systems' dirty secrets. To find out all the secrets you currently have to find every detail on a different page, but this site will be your portal to find those secrets and bring them to light. Please e-mail me with any new information you'd like to see added to the site.
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10.27.2005··News article Emulation Section.

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News article PSP Section.

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News article The Beginning.

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